Kawaii SanD(UK)wich

Date: 24 November 2014 Category: , , , , ,

From the crazy ideas of Fabrizio Spadaro!!!! You can find “Kawaii SanD(UK)wich” by click on the image or by this link Kawaii SanD(UK)wich

Dalla folle idea di Fabrizio Spadaro!!! Potete trovare “Kawaii SanD(UK)wich” cliccando sull immagine al centro o su questo link Kawaii SanD(UK)wich

Demential game short description:

“Baciccio is sad beacause is fat and can’t jump so much…
BUT BACICCIO HAS A POWER he can eat sandwich and turn them in POO block.
Help baciccio build Poo Tower to reach the fancy,gorgeus,glorious king of the sandwich the “KAWAII SAND(UCK)WICH”