Merry Christmas

Date: 25 December 2014 Category: , , , ,

This animation is made for say “merry christmas” for all of my friends in the world. i made this also for show also what i can do, because i know i can do things, but if i dont need to do them, i dont have the chance to prove that i can do it, so, i dedicate my time, for create something for the friends, but not only for them, also for every body who just want to say “merry christmas” 😀
easy word, but this, some time will remind to your friends.. “HEY i think to you sometimes, also if i dont have time to contact you, and if we lost our friendship, is christmas… and is time to re-connect 🙂 and forget stupid things, merry christmas!!”
Video produced by Andrea Caliendi
Audio by andrea caliendi